Jun 6, 2009


I felt I need to write (or rather, rant) about this topic above all other topics. The bane of all UK citizens; they shout, they get drunk, they speed on their badly customised cars, they swear at everything that moves, they think they're hard, they walk with their trousers half-way down their ass and most annoying of all, they give the rest of the teenage nation a bad name. That's right, I'm talking about Chavs. Walking down a road, a gaggle of chavs (I can't really think of a collective term for them, "a pack" makes them sound cool) said the inevitable "...CHINKY!!!!" With a bottle in one hand and a fat finger aimed at me, they continued stumbling by. This is just a regular occurrence to which I am acustomed to. Looking at a newspaper, another knife crime has been committed by a chav and the whole teenage nation has yet again been condemmed. Not fair now is it? If we where all chavs, then the future of Great Britain is doomed.

A relatively short post but I'll probably think of more to write once my hatred for Chavs have been reignited...perhaps I'll walk down that road again...

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  1. I completely agree with you when you say that it gives teenagers a bad name!! People think that ALL teenagers these days are chavs, when they really are not at all!! I cannot stand chavs, I wish they could all just be kicked so hard up the backside that they fly off into space, and they can bloody stay there as well for all I care!!!